Russian curriculum

While we may be an international school, we believe it  is important for students to have the option to study the Russian State curriculum. Students studying with us therefore have the option to study Russian curriculum subjects with experienced Russian teachers and eventually take the Russian State Unified National Exams at the end of their time at school.

Please note that the Cambridge programme students start school at age 5 and in the Russian State programme children start at age 7. This means that the Russian State curriculum is only available from Year 3 onwards. It also means that our Year 3 is for children at the same age as those in Year 1 in Russian state schools, Year 4 is for at the same age as those in Year 2 in Russian state schools, etc.

Tests and exams

At the end of Russian Grade 9 (our Year 11), students take exams in math, Russian and 2 more optional exams to receive the Russian State Certificate of Basic General Education.

At the end of Russian Grade 11 (our Year 13) students take the Unified National Examinations (EGE) in maths, Russian, and in other subjects. The preparation for these exams is both individual and in groups. Once students receive their graduation certificates they can apply for admission to Russian state universities.


CIS Russia has four campuses, which are located in the most exclusive areas of Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

The Skolkovo campus is located in the western part of Moscow in the vicinity of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre, surrounded by a national park and numerous sports fields.

The campus provides a full school programme for children between 3 and 18 years old.

143085, Russia, Moscow Region, Odintsovo District, Zarechye, Berezovaya Str., 2

The Festivalnaya campus is located to the north of Moscow, amongst residential areas where a large number of visiting foreign families live, surrounded by beautiful gardens and parks. There are a large number of business centres near the campus.

The campus provides a full school programme for children between 3 and 16 years old.

125565, Russia, Moscow, Festivalnaya Ulitsa, 7А

The Saint Petersburg campus is located in the northern part of the city in a prestigious area close to the Gulf of Finland. The campus is close to Lakhta Centre in addition to Krestovskiy Island and Sestroretsk.

The campus provides a full school programme for children between 3 and 16 years old.

197229, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Lakhtinskiy Prospect, 40/2