St. Petersburg teachers

Ms Amanda

Primary School Head Teacher

Mr Paul

Secondary School Head Teacher

Ms Breanna

Reception Class Teacher

Ms Caitlyn

English Teacher

Ms Carly

Year 5 Class Teacher

Mr Daniel

Year 3 Class Teacher

Mr David

Year 1 Class Teacher

Mr Ian

Year 6 Class Teacher

Ms Karina

Nursery Class Teacher

Mr Michael

Science Teacher

Mr Paul

Humanities Teacher

Mr Robin

Year 4 Class Teacher

Mr Santiago

Spanish Teacher

Ms Siobhan

Math and Physics Teacher

Ms Wendy

Year 2 Class Teacher

Mr William

ESL Teacher

Ms Anna

Russian Curriculum Teacher

Ms Ekaterina


Ms Ekaterina


Ms Elena

Art Teacher

Ms Elena

Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Ms Inna

Russian Curriculum Teacher

Ms Irina


Ms Julia


Ms Marina

Russian Curriculum Teacher

Ms Marina

Year 5 – Year 6 Teaching Assistant

Ms Natalya

Music Teacher

Ms Natalya

Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Ms Olga

Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Ms Olga

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Ms Regina

RSL Teacher

Ms Sofya

Nursery Teaching Assistant

Ms Tatiana

Reception Teaching Assistant

Ms Victoria

ICT Teacher and Afterschool Activities Coordinator

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