About Skolkovo Campus

Skolkovo Campus is a part of CIS Russia and is a registered Cambridge International School. Skolkovo campus is located in the south-western part of Moscow in the vicinity of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre, surrounded by the national park and numerous sports fields. The school is located a few minutes away from the main residential area, at a convenient distance from the city centre.

The Cambridge International Education System

Skolkovo Campus provides a full schooling programme for children from 3-13 years old, leading to the Internationally recognised university entrance qualification of Cambridge Advanced Levels for senior students.

Pre-nursery, Nursery, Reception

Early Years & Foundation Stage

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Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 & Year 6

Upper Primary School

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Year 7, Year 8 & Year 9

Lower Secondary School

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Year 12 & Year 13

Sixth Form

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Afterschool Curriculum

The teaching staff at CIS run a variety of activities that offers children experiences not necessarily covered in the daily curriculum. These activities are open to all children and are run after school every day.
  • Dance is a wonderful activity for children, which may helps in fostering a positive self image in both girls and boys.


  • Chess is extremely helpful in brain development, particu-larly when it is played regularly from a very early age

    Chess Club

  • This programme aims to develop students’ vocal abilities, teach correct breathing, introduce students to different vocal techniques.


  • Our club has a high-energy program, introducing children to fundamental football principles, such as foot work, dribbling and the basic rules of the game.


  • Focusing on a powerful punch, kick and block techniques and following martial arts principals, the Martial Arts class instills discipline, respect, self-defense, balance, and coordination.

    Martial Arts

  • In these, our first “music lessons” in aural training, our ears begin opening up to the emotion, adventure, and playfulness that music can communicate to us.


  • Mental arithmetic meaning quicker mental calculations using the Menar System, which creates this skill through the use of the abacus image.

    Mental maths

  • Children joining this club are gaining skills in engineering, logical reasoning and most importantly, teaming up with classmates to solve problems.


  • From da Vinci to Picasso, traditional arts to Pop Art, the Art Club explores the diverse world of art and art history.

    Arts club

  • PThe children in this club will learn about food and healthy eating. They will also have the opportunity to prepare and taste a variety of foods.


  • Drama club will allow your child to get rid of 
self-doubt, to master the art of actor's improvisation, learn how to use body language and voice effectively, to feel free and relaxed on stage.

    Drama Club



Every classroom is equipped with German ergonomically designed furniture, a SMART-board and a computer.

Science Rooms and Art Rooms

Science labs, classrooms for Art and Crafts lessons, ICT room.

Dance Hall

A hall for Dance, Music and Drama classes.


More than 70000 books, including student books, science magazines, fiction books and many others.


At our in-house kitchen we choose the best ingredients to prepare substantial healthy meals four times a day.

Playgrounds and Sportsgrounds

Football field, lounge area and free-play areas, sports grounds and climbing structures.

Health Care

A nurse, a psychologist and a speech therapist is available to assist the students all the time throughout their school life.


A wide variety of extracurricular activities and clubs.

24/7 Security

Who are we?

We are multinational school and our cross-national, crosscultural character is also reflected in our schools.

We gathered teachers from all over the world to ensure the quality and diversity of education.

Meet Ours Teaching Teams

Junior School Senior School

Want to know more?

School visits provide a great opportunity for all prospective students and their parents to personally explore and become acquainted with CIS Russia. Teaching personnel and admission staff will readily answer any questions and provide school guests with all the necessary information about the programs and activities offered at CIS.

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Contract manager

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