Russian Curriculum

CIS provides an optional schooling programme for 7 to 18 year olds for those who speak Russian as a first language .The optional Russian curriculum at CIS is based upon the programmes of the local department of education, starting with Primary and moving through to secondary and high school in the senior years.

The optional Russian curriculum framework provides curricula for the core subject area within primary and secondary school.

After final exams of grade 9 in Mathematics,English and 2 more optional exams, graduates receive the Russian State Certificate of Basic General Education.

The students aged 17 years of age (Grade 11 in the Russian Curriculum) can graduate with the Unified National Examinations (EGE), in mathematics, Russian language and in other subjects. The preparation for these exams is done individually and in small groups. Once they have received their graduation certificates they can apply for admission to the Russian State Universities.