Dear teachers and teaching assistants!

Cambridge International School Russia seeks outstanding and inspirational educators to join the Primary School for August 2017 If you have teaching qualification and relative work experience, if you wish to start or continue your teaching career in Russia in academic year 2017-2018We`ll be happy to welcome you to send a CV and letter explaining your educational philosophy to .

We will be glad to meet you or have skype conversation and discuss all the open employment opportunities for the next year, main duties and job conditions, appoint required interviews and school tours.

Available Positions


Skolkovo Campus Festivalnaya Campus

Secondary School Teacher

  • English native speaking teacher
  • Mathematics teacher
  • Science/Physics/Chemistry/Biology teacher
  • History & Geography teacher
  • Humanities & ICT teacher

Primary School Teacher

  • Classroom Teacher Y1
  • Classroom Teacher Y2
  • Classroom Teacher Y3
  • Classroom Teacher Y4
  • Classroom Teacher Y5
  • Classroom Teacher Y6

Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg Campus

Secondary School Teacher

  • English native speaking teacher
  • Science and Mathematics teacher
  • Humanities & ICT teacher

Primary School Teacher

  • Classroom Teacher Y1
  • Classroom Teacher Y4

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Working in Russia. International Teachers’ Experience

Moving to Russia is not an easy decision for many. We asked our international teachers about their teaching experience in CIS Russia International School and what they think about living in Russia.

A friend told me about a teaching position available in Moscow. I applied, was appointed and before I knew it, was winging my way to Moscow, not sure what I would find nor what to expect. What I found restored my faith in teaching. I found fresh-faced, almost innocent, pupils with a thirst for knowledge. Cambridge International pupils are eager to learn and do not shy away from hard work.
I love Moscow. I love Russia. It’s just amazing. I was talking to someone and I was trying to figure out what I liked about it and we decided that everything is so large, grand and exciting, and everything’s so different.
Coming to Russia has, without any doubt, been the best decision for me. Not only does Russia, and specifically Moscow, feed into every “over the top” notion I have ever experienced and relished, it is also beautiful beyond any description.
Of course there have been challenges, language being the most prominent. However, this experience has not only broadened my horizons, but has vastly enriched my life. So, whenever anyone asks, “Why change and WHY Russia???” my answer is unequivocally, “Why ever not!!”
I was living in England in the time, and I saw an advertisement for a job, and I thought it’s only for one year, why not? I’ll spend a year in Russia then move back to England; and here I am three years later.
There is very nice atmosphere here. The people are nice and flexible and we can talk to everyone.
My colleagues are friendly and helpful. I especially like the balance between a very serious approach towards our jobs on one side, and time for a chat or a socializing event on the other side.
It has been an interesting cultural experience and one thing that has particularly struck me is the outdoor nature of the people where we live in St Petersburg. It’s fantastic to see people out walking whatever the weather and groups and families getting together down on the beach for barbeques and parties. Living out by “300 Year Park” on the Lahta side of St Petersburg reminds me a little of Bournemouth. The best side to living here is seeing the variety and age range of people using sporting skills to keep healthy – it is fantastic to see an old man skating into town or a grandma cruising along the promenade on a scooter.
Russia had always been on my list of places I wanted to travel, and I thought it would be a great, authentic way to not only see Russia but also live and learn about the culture and history. CIS is a diverse “melting pot” of culture and teaching practices, as we have teachers from many different countries working at our school. With that brings a vast array of teaching knowledge and opportunities for me to learn from my peers.