Open days

Open days provide a great opportunity for all prospective students and their parents to personally explore and become acquainted with CIS Russia. Teaching personnel and admission staff will readily answer any questions and provide school guests with all the necessary information about the programs and activities offered at CIS.

Prospective parents will have opportunity to individually discuss everything from student enrollment to graduation and receive a copy of the Parent-Student handbook as well as information brochures on Cambridge International Curriculum. On request prospective parents and students may also meet our psychologist for an assessment. Cognitive ability tests are provided once the admission procedure has commenced. All children will be able to join in the activities provided by the school while all parents will be able to attend the Head Teacher’s lecture or speak individually with any staff member.

Open Days provide a wonderful insight into school life at CIS. We will also provide light refreshments.

Open Days will take place on the following days:

  • 15-16 February (Skolkovo Campus)
  • 28-30 March (Festivalnaya, Lakhta, Skolkovo Campus)

If you would like to attend our school during the Open Days period, please fill out the online visitors form below or contact the campus you are planning to attend.