Happiness by Ishraq Alsyabi and Eva Filipchenkova

Happiness is a beautiful emotion. Happiness could be found in little things for example: video games, music and even books. It’s an emotion that could brighten your day and could make you forget being sad. It’s a vulnerable feeling that is hard to seek to during dark times. Everyone tries to look for happiness in difficult times. Happiness is a feeling that no word could describe. 

We waste most of the time,
trying to find that one thing we all desire,

But what we all do not know is,
happiness lies in everything,
even the littlest things.

Happiness lies in a beautiful day,
where the sun is up,
and the sky is in a shade of blue.

Happiness lies in the people we love,
a lover,
a friend,
a family member.

Happiness lies in a good cup of coffee,
and a friend we share lovely conversations with.

Happiness lies in wonderful moments,
Happiness lies in music,
the ones we dance and sing along to.

Happiness lies in someone's laughter,
and a smile so bright,
it shines one's heart.

Happiness lies in everything surrounding us.