Sustainable Settlement and Urban Design

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand”. Confucius

True to the quote above the Year 9 students at Cambridge International School, Russia beautifully explained their projects on Sustainable Cities that they had created.

The students were covering Settlements and they had studied Urbanization and problems of urbanization. The solution to the problems was the development of Sustainable Cities and the student were to apply their learning in the development of their own Sustainable Cities

They needed to choose a country and area that required a sustainable City.

They were to explain the varied feature of their city how effective the city would be where located and the impact it would have on the Country.

The students did very well. All students and Staff were extremely surprised at the attention to detail given in the project and it has been the by far the best term we have had.

Students made progress and we have evidence of the fun and learning!

A very happy teacher
Ms. J. Agacy

  • Year-9-Geography-1
  • Year-9-Geography-2