Learning at Skolkovo Primary


In Nursery this week we've been reviewing all of the sounds through different songs and games. We've even started blending sounds together to make some simple words!

The children are enjoying learning how to write their own names and are very excited about trying to read words. We have also been playing different games such as hopscotch or hide- and -seek to recap our counting.

We have been watching short videos and reading many  books about different insects. The children are fascinated by the life cycle of the caterpillar!

This week we are going to plant our own beans and compare ones that have been on the windowsill and the ones that have been in a cupboard so the children can learn about the effects of the sunlight on plant growth – Wow!

Year 4


We love English, especially persuasive language because you can persuade people to buy something when you get a job. We also like it because it is interesting to learn, and you can learn how to read and speak in the English language. For many of us English is our second language and we are lucky that we can talk, read, write and understand English well.

By Alessandro, Akbar and Peter  (4A)



 I love Art, because in Art we learn about different artists and pictures. It’s really relaxing, and you use your imagination. One picture is one story. Our art teacher is teaching us about Chinese Art. Last term, we learnt how to draw 3D shapes. Art is interesting and it is helpful because when you draw your handwriting improves.

By Emma and Anna  (4A)



In PSHE we learn how to be good friends. Also, we learnt how to solve friendship problems in a good way. We have played lots of fun games during the lessons.

Beata and Valeria  (4A)



In Maths we have learnt about decimal points and we were interested in learning about equivalent fractions. Also, we learnt how to find the perimeter and area of shapes. We loved the lessons about 3D shapes and learning about different graphs. We love Maths!

Oleg, Guillermo, Philipp and Bakhtiyar  (4A)