Letter from Head of Secondary

The snow has disappeared, the sun has come out and the trees are beginning to bud- spring has finally arrived in Moscow, and with it has come the rain and the clouds to assist in the return of foliage to the areas surrounding Zarech’e and the Skolkovo Campus.

The past weeks have been filled with Yearbook photos, Fire Prevention discussions, university preparation lessons, Family Art Days, Victory Day Park Challenges, IGCSE Drama performances, IGCSE and A-Level Information evenings and the like which has exposed our pupils to the a wide range of different experiences that add to their class-room based learning.

This week our Year 6 and 9 pupils have been put through their paces with the Cambridge Primary and Secondary 1 Checkpoint Examinations. These examinations provide an international benchmark for our pupils and teachers and provide important feedback on the level of the progress that has been made by our pupils over the course of the year. This information will also allow our Year 9 pupils transition into the IGCSE programme and ensure that they are follow the best pathway for their needs.

Our Year 11, 12 and 13 pupils will be finishing lessons for the year on the 27th of April, as they too will be going onto examinations for approximately 6 weeks over the months of May and June. Please be aware that Russian State Holidays and School closures do not affect the external examinations timetable. This is available on our website at http://cisrussia.com/news/640-cambridge-exams-18/.

One final note- this is just a friendly reminder that mobile phones should not be used at school at any time during the day, including outside. Any phones that are seen will be confiscated for 24 hours, and can only be collected by parents, not drivers or nannies.


Have a fantastic fortnight and enjoy the May break!