What does external assessment at Skolkovo look like?

At Skolkovo, we have a number of external examination points throughput the school which allows us to quality assure our teaching and learning; and compare it with international standards and benchmarks in terms of educational outcomes and attainments.

There are three different forms of external assessment at Skolkovo that are completed at different points of the year by different year groups. These are –

  1. Cambridge Checkpoint Primary and Secondary 1 Examinations- For years 6 and 9 in English, Science and Mathematics.
  2. Cambridge IGCSE Examinations- For year 11 pupils in all subjects after two years of study.
  3. Cambridge GCE Advanced Level Examinations- For years 12 and 13 pupils in all subjects, with examinations available in both years.

These external examinations are written and marked by professional examiners and education with our examination board CAIE, who supply us with the assessment materials which are completed under very strict supervised conditions in April-June of every year. Strict attendance and identity checks are in place for all of these exams in line with JCQ/CAIE requirements. These ensure that the integrity of the assessment is maintained.

These eternal assessent tasks are what allow us to confer the British Qualifications at CIS Russia International school, and are extremely challenging, yet robust, in the skills and knowledge that they provide to our pupils.

Our year 6 and 9 pupils at Skolkovo have just completed their external examinations this week, and their results will be available on the 1st of September, 2018 from the Skolkovo Campus.

Our Years 11-13 pupils will begin their exams on the 2nd of May and run through to the 12th of June. Their results will be available on the 11th of August, 2018 via the CAIE online portal. Access details will be provided to all pupils and families in the next week.