Book week in Festivalnaya

The Book Week was very eventful. It began with the game Running Story Dictation, where students had to find sentences hidden in the classrooms, remember them and make a story. This game is based on teamwork, and all its participants loved it.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, there were competitions Spelling Challenge for Early Years–Year 3 and 300 Words Competition for Year 4-Year 8. Here students demonstrated their knowledge of spelling words. The winners were: Meylis (EY), Leya (EY), Mark K. (EY), Gleb (Y2), Miroslav (Y3), Leonardo (Y3) and Alice (Y6).

On Thursday, we were visited by special guests, Flying Banana Theatre, who showed a performance for our younger students and did a poetry workshop for Year 3-Year 8 students.

On Friday, there was the Roald Dahl Jeopardy Game for Year 5-Year 8 students, they were divided into 5 teams, and answered the questions based on the stories of one of the most famous authors of the UK, Roald Dahl.  With a little difference in the amount of the points, the fifth team won: Aron (Y8), Sofia R.(Y5), Aruzhan (Y6), Anton R.(Y5) and Artem K.(Y6).

During the week, Year 7 and 8 students visited Early Years and Year 1 classes during the DEAR time to read stories to them. At ICT lessons, all the classes were creating comics in the program StoryboardThat; the most creative ones are presented in the Science room. The Pulitzer Prize competition was also held. There were pictures in each class, and according to them, students wrote their stories. The stories were so different and creative that it was quite difficult to choose the winners, each had its unique feature, and each was awarded a certificate. But the undisputed winners were Sofia V. (Y5), Ana (Y6), Zhenya (Y4), Yana (Y5) and Inna (Y6).

And, of course, as a tradition, we had a book fair at our school, where everyone could buy fiction and non-fiction literature in English.

We congratulate the winners and participants of our competitions and thank for participation in all activities!