Science week

Today Science Week finishes and it is also is the last day of the term. Here is a letter to all the CIS people from our Science teacher Mr Robert:

Science week finishes ... holidays begin ... great timing! Speaking of timing, we have even managed to coincide the end of term with a partial eclipse of the sun ... this will start at 12.13pm and finish at 2.27 pm in Moscow ... and the weather forecast is for clear skies and sunshine!

Big thanks to everyone for their support during science week. I've been impressed by the level of participation throughout the whole school and by the willingness of staff to collaborate with other schools via the internet making it a truly International event!

It appears too that pupils (and staff) enjoyed "science day" on Wednesday which proved to be a great opportunity for colleagues to demonstrate their expertise in "rocket science", "robotics" and "organising scientific debates" and for senior students to help their peers participate in and enjoy the day's activities. Special thanks to Miss Hatice for giving up her day off to lead an activity that explained the science of Ebru art and to enable students to experience this wonderful art form.

Wishing everyone a relaxing, rewarding and safe holiday!

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